Workflow Scenarios in Digital Asset Management

A look at workflow in a digital asset management system. Covered first is a simple scenario for small internal teams. Then one more complex that involves client review and approval, and notifications back and forth as they remotely collaborate.

Digital Asset Management Version Control: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) version control is critical. Here we go into what is it and why is it important.

Recommended Keyword Practices

Keywording, aka tagging, in DAM and image management systems can be challenging, with a a myriad of possible approaches. Based on years of working with clients, this entry describes a number of recommended practices.

Four Layers of Digital Asset Management

Modern digital asset management (DAM) systems are exceptionally complex products, requiring features and perfections at various levels. Here I’ve broken down these into four logical layers. Each layer builds on the other, and neither could exist without the other in a good DAM system.

What’s New in DBGallery’s Version 10.4

DBGallery Version 10.4 includes a personal profile page, navigation breadcrumbs, and main menu button additions (preview and delete).

Understanding Access Permissions in Digital Asset Management (DAM)

The ability to set access permissions to ensure only the right people can perform various operations in an image collection is a DAM fundamental.

Benefits of opening your image collection to the web

Some worry about moving their digital assets away from their file servers or local computers. Having it on the web as many advantages, as we discuss in this here.

What’s New in DBGallery’s Version 10.3

New features added in release 10.3 of DBGallery.

What’s New in DBGallery’s Version 10.2

New features added in release 10.2 of DBGallery.

What's New in DBGallery's Version 10.1

New features added in release 10.1 of DBGallery.

What's New in DBGallery's Version 10

New features added in release 10 of DBGallery.

Introducing a Smarter Search for Your Image Collection

We’ve proudly integrated a smarter search feature within our image management system. Given multiple tags to search for DBGallery now prioritizes results based on how many keywords are in the images returned.

Benefits of DBGallery's Web Version

The benefits of using DBGallery's on-premise web-server plugin to place your image collection online using your own internal servers.

Object Recognition

Object recognition uses AI to detect objects in a photo and auto-tag those photos to make finding them easier. Here we talk about object recognition in DBGallery and provide examples of objects recognized in photos.

Launch of our public Object Recognition page

We are pleased to announce our public and extremely easy to use object recognition page. Simply drag and drop a photo onto the page and it will show the objects it finds there.

Duplicate Photos Are Evil

Duplicate images across your collection is just not cool. Never mind all the extra disk space it uses, more important is the confusion it can cause and the time it wastes. Here we talk about the how DBGallery helps remove duplicates.

Ten Hard Realities of Photo Organization

Challenges of organizing a photo collection.

Web Access to DBGallery

Options for getting your DBGallery local image collection onto the web.

Global Markers – Mapping Images across a Map

Being able to view images across a map can be a large value-add to an image collection.