Improve Team Collaboration

Choose who participates across your team or entire organization:  internal groups, external partners, image contributors and photographers, or potential customers.

User Permissioning

Define who may perform which actions against the which areas of your organizations’ image collection.

DBGallery Multi-user Permissions

Externally Share Image Assets

View only with no login required.  You send a link and your clients instantly view the images. Our digital image management system is great for sales teams sharing photos and videos with potential clients.

Easy and Secure

Only those with the very long link string are able to view images shared in this manor.  And that is all they are able to do.

See how it works in this video (2 mins).

Cloud or Self-managed

Run our image management software on your on-premise servers or let us host it in the cloud (SaaS).

Easy to Switch

Start by trying it out with our free trial on the cloud.  It’s the same software with the same features no matter where it’s run.  On-prem installation and configuration typically takes just an hour.  Or have us host it to be infrastructure and worry free.

Digital Image Management hosting
Picture management system

Uploading Automatically Tags

We’ll do object recognition to tag objects in an image. We’ll also reverse-geocode to add address data to photos which have a GPS stamp.

See how it works in this video (4 mins).

Photos, Videos, and PDFs

Support for all your photos, videos and PDFs.  All with viewing, searching, tagging and secure sharing.  All file formats, such as Word, Excel, CAD, have at least basic store, tag, search and export capabilities for non-image support documents your users may need access to.

Video Streaming

Reliably host and stream videos.  Easily upload and tag, then we’ll prep the video for efficient streaming.

Digital Image Management system
Digital Image Management cloud

Audit Trail

Understand what your image collection users are doing within the collection using our activity trail log.

Visibility into Collection Changes

Off-brand images being added?

Are sales staff sharing outdated promotional videos?  Incorrect metadata being used or images deleted?  As a collection administrator, be in to know on system usage and changes.

It’s a Database

We have a special focus on the utilization of data to help manage an image collection.  Along with a large set of image metadata we store usage-related data which provides insights into collection usage, whether its from internal users or understanding if customers are viewing images that the sales teams are sharing with clients.

Data features

Import and Export data. Custom data fields. IPTC/XMP metadata support. Connect and integrate directly to our MySql database.  We’ll provide the database schema.  Show and utilize all your images data.

Digital Image Management

Other Features

Our solution adjusts to your business processes and requirements.

White Labeling

Specify the graphics and icons you need to make the system look like yours. Even the URL can be yours. Implementing our system for a client of yours? Re-brand it as either yours or theirs.

First Class Support

Our product owners and dev teams support what they build, so they build it right! Our clients wonder how we can possibly provide the fast and knowledgeable support we do. We feel it's the only way!

Custom Data Fields

Enables our customers to go beyond simply having their own data tags. They extend their search capabilities by defining data fields specific to their industry or organization. The system feels more natural and easier to use.


Many systems are static, with no room for modification! Many of our clients find it extremely convenient to enhance the value of our system via tweaks. These range from small items such as a specific Active Directory integration, to much larger like showing images across a factory floor diagram. We typically complete them within 4 weeks at a surprisingly low cost. Get the system you need without compromise.

Virtual Sets

A fast and convenient way to build collections of photos. Virtual sets are sets of images which are simply zero-space pointers back to original images, negating the need to copy or move images to create collections. They're a great way to create permanent or temporary collections and projects. Some clients rename the feature to Projects, Light Boxes, Collections and other names to be more beneficial to their organization.

Geo Tagging

A big part of an images data is where it was taken. Showing it on a map can be extremely useful. We integrate with Google Maps to display images across a map and set GPS information (GeoTagging). We also incorporate Reverse GeoCoding, automatically tagging images with street, state, and country information when images have GPS data. Location is a key value addition to an image, and we take it seriously.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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