Introducing new storage pricing for DBGallery

DBGallery extra storage prices have recently dropped to just 33% of it's previous costs.  The price of a TB per year has dropped from $900 to $300! 
Many of our multi-terabyte clients would avoid our cloud service because of the storage cost, choosing our on-premise software instead.  With our current pricing it would be difficult to purchase enterprise-grade storage without spending quite a bit more than our new cloud costs.  Such on-premise storage would usually require redundant fault-tolerate storage, as well as backup.  And that is not cheap!  The new cost has completely flipped the decision: now multi-terabyte clients would save costs by going with the cloud service. 
For those with smaller storage requirements, increments of 100 GB can be purchased at $36/year.
We are especially excited about our ability to offer this lower storage costs because other high-end digital asset management services can have storage at over 10x our new costs!
storange-costs-down (1).png
Safe and sound
Our new storage mechanism is extremely safe.  It is more highly available and fault tolerant than traditional data centers.
It is safe from accidental deletion of files or folders because we only mark items for deletion.  They still exist and can be restored if needed.
How it's purchased
Typically those requiring extra storage are clients starting off with terabytes of data, be that 10 or 60 TBs, as some clients have required.  They would purchase that storage upfront via invoice as part of their initial service plan.  This would allow them to load all their existing files into DBGallery.
For existing clients who have been using DBGallery for a while but have found themselves requiring additional storage, purchase extra storage directly from your DBGallery system by going to your account settings by clicking your name in the top right corner when logged in, then choose Plans and Payments from the top left corner.  There you'll find for extra storage options and Buy buttons.