A crate is moved from one country’s component factory to another country’s final product factory. During its many stage journey a photo is taken each time it transfers from one mode of transportation to another. Drivers upload or email these photos to DBGallery using their smartphones as soon as they’re taken. They do this for quality assurance: those photos include shots of indicators including shock and humidity flags, general condition of the item, and the GPS location. Once approved by the image collection administrator, the shipping customer is able to see practically realtime photos of their very important crates while in-transit. This is important to the customer, who owns the final product factory, because that crate is a part of a just-in-time parts supply chain.

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3rd Party Integration

Images are available to be transferred to 3rd party TLM or other systems, along with relevant image data, so they’re connected to other digital aspects of your systems.

White Labeling

Clients will recognize and feel a connection with your brand. Specify your own brand graphics and login to appear a part of your organization.

Stability and Performance

We provide a stable and high performance platform, which is critical when clients are viewing product feature videos or other digital media.


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  • An audit trail provides visibility into those viewing images, asset movements, sharing activity, data edits, etc.
  • Extensive file type support.  Videos, PDFs, photo are core, but also any supporting documents, from Word to CAD files.
  • Custom data fields enables an extension of search capabilities by defining data fields specific to your industry or company.
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