State Agencies

Provide Self-service to Federal other State Agencies

Stop one-of email requests or a phone call every time an external agency requires an image of a specific item.  Let environmental impact personnel login to view the images of sites of interest. They aren’t able to manipulate the collection in any way, just search and view (and download if you chose to allow that).  Do the same for architectural and construction organizations, and the many 100’s of entities that may be taking up time of your limited staff.  If you do need to lookup images for them, easily share by emailing a link back to the required images.


Another huge benefit is to allow field personnel to upload images themselves.  Allow them the ability to tag those image if appropriate. Decide if they can upload directly to folders others can see immediately, or if they to to a special Inbox subfolder that administrators approve first.


Capabilities of Interest:

  • Browse images across a map.
  • Search for specific site names, project names, or specific items.
  • Custom data fields support specialized data entry for clean searchable data.
  • Permissions control which user roles, which agencies or field personnel, can do what to which areas of the image collection.
State agencies

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