• The Import Wizard

  • The Main Window

  • The Collection Report Card.

  • The Map View window. This is one of four views: Thumbs, Grid, Map, and Full Data.

  • The DataView window. Viewing and entry of data as well as viewing the image.

  • The GPS data window. Facilitates setting of latitude and longitude coordinates via the simple drag and drop of the red marker on the map. Street and city or other data may be used to search for the location, as shown at the top of the screenshot.

  • eMail Gallery. Emailing images and its data is exceptionally easy whether through an email client like Outlook or though webmail such as gmail.

  • Data Export. Extraction of all database data is just a few clicks. Data is also written directly to most file types (unless configured not to do so).

  • Managing DBGallery Users. Permissions to access areas of the collection, and to specify actions which may be performed on those areas, is set via Roles and Users within those roles.

  • One of the several reports, this one shows the photo count for each year.

  • The IPTC Dialog

    DBGallery has many great IPTC/XMP features. See a tour of these features.

  • Various DBGallery windows shown together.