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15 Day Trial
Small Team / Small Business
Installed on your own
on-premise servers.
Annual receives one month free

Pick your

$49 per month billed yearly Subscribe
$202 per month billed yearly Subscribe
$4500 One time fee*
Number of Users
Space Storage
(50k photos)
(50k photos)
Double that Storage Amount
Add $25/mth
Add $75/mth
Excellent Tagging Features
Excellent Image Viewer
Secure access
Full Metadata View
Maps View
Primary Image Types: Photos, Video, PDFs
Secondary Image Types: All non-image files such as Excel and CAD
Video Streaming
Comments to enable chatting on specific images
Premium Support Priority
Auto Tagging
Object Recognition
Reverse GeoCoding
Advanced Options
Advanced Download to PDF Reports
Nightly Backup
Easy Upgrade Path to Enterprise Features
Create Albums/Projects
Audit Trail
Image Collection Dashboard
Full User and Permissions Control
Self-serve User Signup
Data Import/Export via Excel & CSV
Excellent and Scalable Performance
Your own Virtual Servers
Email Import
Transfer Legacy DBGallery Database to Cloud
Multiple Databases/Catalogues
Onboarding Assistance
Enterprise-level Support
Fit it into your organization
White Labeling and Branding
Custom Data Fields
Keyword Dictionary/Controlled Vocabulary
Your own Subdomain (e.g.
Integration with Internal and 3rd Party Systems
Tweak UI and Features
Customizations Available at Cost
Active Directory Integration
Annual receives one month free


15 Day Trial
  • One user
  • 250 GB   (50k photos) Storage Space
  • n/a
  • Excellent Tagging Features
  • Excellent Image Viewer
  • Full Metadata View
  • Maps View
  • Object Recognition
  • Reverse GeoCoding
  • Advanced Download to PDF Reports
  • Nightly Backup
  • Primary Image Types: Photos, Video, PDFs
  • Secondary Image Types: All non-image files such as Excel and CAD
  • Video Streaming
  • Premium Support Priority
  • Easy Upgrade Path to Enterprise Features
Small Team
/ Small Business

$49 per month billed yearly Subscribe
  • Everything in Free Trial, plus:
  • Up to 5 users
  • 250 GB   (50k photos) Storage Space
  • Double that Storage Amount
    $25 / mth
$202 per month billed yearly Subscribe
  • Everything in Small Team / Small Business, plus:
  • Unlimited users
  • 1TB  Storage Space
  • Create Albums/Projects
  • Full User and Permissions Control
  • Self-serve User Signup
  • Data Import/Export via Excel & CSV


Installed on your own
on-premise servers.

$2999 per month billed yearly
  • Everything in Enterpise, plus:
  • Unlimited  Storage Space
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited

*There is an optional 20%/yr for
maintenance (support and upgrades)

Plans & Pricing Related FAQs

What is your refund policy?

There is a 30-day money back guarantee if you find the product is not 100% satisfactory. See our Refund Policy for details.

How do I cancel a subscription?

Subscriptions may be cancelled anytime.  They will remain active until the end of the current paid period.  Small Team subscriptions have a Cancel button on their Profile page.  We are frequently in contact with our Enterprise subsciption clients and they cancel via an email request.

Is there a discount for non-profits?

We offer a 20% discount for non-profit and educational institutions.  Contact us regarding how to receive that discount.

Is the Server and Cloud Enterprise the same software?

Yes.  DBGallery’s web software can be installed on web servers on-premise or in the cloud.  Our Cloud Enterprise and Small Team offerings are DBGallery’s web server software being hosted on Amazon’s AWS.  It may be hosted on your in-house or cloud server meeting the following basic requirements.

DBGallery Server Requirements:

    • Web Server: IIS or Linux web servers
    • Database: MySql
    • File Systems: Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Why is there a setup fee with the Cloud Enterprise service?

This one-time fee is due to the effort required to customize the setup for each of our clients.  There are configuration settings, logos to retrieve and place, possible help with data imports, aid in initial loading of images, etc.  Again, it is only applicable to our Cloud Enterprise offering.

Can the Server version be in-house only, without web access?

Absolutely.  This is accomplished by simply having the port number which that particular web server instance uses not be available to the internet. Several of our clients do this to have a clean, modern and easy to use file management system completely internal to their organization.  Setup generally takes only 30 to 60 minutes and easily utilizes existing file server and image folders.

Is it possible to have all our files remain strictly with a region, such as the EU or Asia?

Yes, for the Enterprise Plan (and the Server version, which is hosted on-premise).   For the Enterprise plan the web server, files, backup and database can be fully hosted within any Amazon AWS region.

How safe is your cloud storage if we upload all folders and then delete them on our hard drives?

It is very safe. Beyond our primary cloud storage we backup all files twice, once in the same region as primary storage and another in a completely different geographical region.

In the future, if we decide to stop using your cloud service, can we easily download the thousands of files we’ve uploaded?

Yes!  Files are stored in the same folder structure shown within DBGallery and can be zipped for download at anytime.  Smaller numbers of folders can be zipped via DBGallery itself, with larger numbers handled via a support request.

What is DBGallery’s Storage and Performance Limit?

Drive Space Limit

DBGallery doesn’t store image files in it’s database, they’re stored in drive folders. For the Server version that is installed in-house at your location, the size limit is dependent on the amount of disk space available on your file servers.  For our cloud plans, the space limit is based on the about provided with the plan plus any add-on space you’ve signed up for.

Database Record Count Limit

In its database there are records for each image. Hence it’s the database storage limit which comes into play, and since we’re using MySQL as the database, the limit is very large. A number of factors determine the maximum number, but it should typically  be in the millions.  Those factors are primarily disk space and speed, processor and memory on the database server.

Performance Limit

Internet speed is the biggest performance factor for DBGallery’s cloud plans, or for the Server version it’s either internal network (intranet) speed when users access the system internally or internet speed again for those accessing your DBGallery Server over the internet.   The other major performance factor impacting  customers with very large collections is the number of records in the database. That record count threshold is dependent on the processor, memory and disk speed of the computer where the database resides. For example, on a 2019 Xeon-processor server with 32 GB RAM and SSD drives, performance degrades as you head towards 2 or 3 million images.  Typically clients have 100,000 or fewer images so database performance is not an issue, leaving internet or intranet connection speed as the largest performance factor.

What is Plus Web?

Our Server version is called Plus Web.  It is a web server plugin which opens your internal image collection to the web. To only those you specify, and only the areas your choose.

It is safe and exceptionally convenient; once a collection area is shared any updates are instantly instantly available to those it was originally shared with. Opening access to outside entities can significantly improve the value of your image collection.

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Number of Users

Refers to the number of users which can log into the system.  Any number of users may view shared images or those set as being publicly available.


An Excellent Image Viewer

Image viewing is a key aspect of any image management system.  DBGallery's viewer is excellent, with many awesome features such as a dark theme, lower thumbs bar, data easily available via the Info tab, a slideshow mode, full screen with uncluttered thumbs only mode, and many more.


See our Image Viewer video on YouTube here (2 mins).

Full Data View

Full Data View

Display ALL the data available for an image.  This includes Exif, IPTC, XMP, as well as custom fields and other data such number of views, date added to the database, and more.  Overwhelming for some, but when needed this information is invaluable!


See full size image.

Maps View

Map View

View image collections, folders, or search results across a map. This is a great feature when your company photo assets were shot all over the country. Click a marker for a popup of the image.


With more and more photos shot with phones or cameras with GPS coordinate capabilities, using maps to find and browse images is becoming more popular and useful.

Comments on Images


Converse on an image via a comments conversation.  Enable comments for logged in users only or also open it up to anyone that images are externally shared with.


See full size image.

Audit Trail

Audit Trail

Activity logging provides collection administrators visibility into data edits, asset additions and movements, and sharing activity.  Understand what is happening within a collection can be critical for helping understand when inappropriate images are uploaded or shared, or when finding a root cause of collection errors.

Image Collection Dashboard

The Dashboard provides an overview the collection.  It includes overall stats as well as recent activity, which are live links to immediately return to.  The 'widgets' that are shown are configurable via a drag and drop interface, allowing the setting of size and position within the dashboard.

Self-serve Signup

Self-serve User Signup

Toggle self-registrations so users within or external to your organization can signup themselves.  You choose the folders and actions they are may perform by setting up a default permissions role for new signups.  Once they're in the system you may change those permissions, providing additional access.

Email Import

Email images directly to DBGallery. The email import service will monitor any configured email Inbox and automatically import attached images into the DBGallery database and folder system. Each email sender may have images go to their own area of the database, or all email images may go to a single processing/approval area.

Onboarding Assistance

Implementation and onboarding services help get your organization up and running fast...and correctly.