File Formats Supported

DBGallery’s Cloud services and Server software supports the following file formats.
Video: “.aaf”, “.3gp”, “.3g2”, “.asf”, “.flv”, “.fla”, “.m4v”, “mkv”, “.mov”, “.mp4”, “.ogg”, “.swf”, “.webm”, “.wmv”;
Audio: “.flac”, “.m4a”, “.mp3”, “.wav”, “.wma”, “.ogg”;
PDF: PDF files are fully supported and includes full viewing capabilities on most browsers and devices.

All other non-photo digital files:

As of March 2020 DBGallery supports all file types.  These types will display a generic icon with a file extension within the icon. To view the contents of these files, such as Microsoft Office files, a Download button is prominently displayed and 3rd party software is required for viewing (such as Microsoft Excel).
DBGallery has 3 levels of support for photo files.  These levels differ only in their image viewing capability.  Each level supports all other DBGallery functionality such as tagging, viewing of metadata, exporting, sharing, etc.
Level 1: Full support.
These photo formats have native viewing support within DBGallery, meaning they can viewed at 100% and do not require an external program to view the full image.
        “.jpg”, “.jpeg”, “.jpe”, “.gif”, “.bmp”, “.png”, “.png24”, “.apng”, “.xbm”, “.webp”;
Level 2 :
The following photo formats may be previewed with a screen-sized version of the image, will show thumbs, can be tagged, searched, exported and shared, but requires an external program to fully view the image.  In other words they’re mostly supported but requires a 3rd party program for native viewing.  A common and well known example would be Photoshop files.  A preview version of the image will be displayed, but to properly view them, at 100% or to see layers, for example, an external program is required.  For these types, whenever an image is opened and previewed a Download button is prominently displayed.
“.aai”, “.art”, “.avs”, “.bpg”, “.bmp”, “.bmp2”, “.bmp3”, “.cin”, “.cmyk” , “.cmyka”, “.dcx”, “.dds”,
“.dib”, “.dpx”, “.epdf”, “.epi”, “.epsf”, “.epsi”, “.ept”, “.exr”, “.fax”, “.fits”, “.fpx”,
“.gray”, “.graya”, “.hdr”, “.hrz”, “.html”, “.jbig”, “.jng”, “.jp2”, “.jpt”, “.j2c”, “.j2k”,
“.jxr”, “.jxl”, “.miff”, “.mono”, “.mng”, “.m2v”, “.mpeg”, “.mpc”, “.mpr”, “.msl”, “.mtv”, “.mvg”, “.otb”,
“.p7”, “.palm”, “.palm”, “.clipboard”, “.pbm”, “.pcd”, “.pcds”, “.pcx”, “.pdb”, “.pfm”, “.pgm”,
“.picon”, “.pict”, “.png00”, “.png32”, “.png48”, “.png64”, “.png8”, “.pnm”, “.pocketmod”,
“.ppm”, “.ps”, “.ps2”, “.ps3”, “.psb”, “.psd”, “.ptif”, “.rgb”, “.rgba”, “.rgf”, “.sgi”, “.sun”,
“.tga”, “.tif”, “.tiff”, “.uyvy”, “.vicar”, “.viff”, “.x”, “.xpm”, “.ycbcr”, “.ycbcra”, “.yuv”, “.arw”,
“.avi”, “.cals”, “.cgm”, “.cr2”, “.crw”, “.cube”, “.cur”, “.cut”, “.dcm”, “.dcr”, “.djvu”, “.dng”,
“.dot”, “.emf”, “.fig”, “.gplt”, “.heic”, “.hpgl”, “.ico”, “.man”, “.mat”, “.mrw”, “.nef”, “.orf”, “.pef”,
“.pes”, “.pfa”, “.pfb”, “.pix”, “.pwp”, “.rad”, “.raf”, “.rgb565”, “.rla”, “.rle”, “.sct”, “.sfw”, “.sid”,
“.mrsid”, “.text”, “.tim”, “.ttf”, “.wmf”, “.wpg”, “.x3f”,
“.3xf”, “.awd”, “.bay”, “.brt”, “.brk”, “.bw”, “.cal”, “.cam”, “.dcs”,
“.erf”, “.fxr”, “.fxs”, “.fxd”, “.iff”,
“.kdc”, “.lv”, “.mbm”, “.mrw”, “.nef”, “.pbm”, “.pef”, “.ptx”, “.pgm”, “.pnm”, “.ppm”, “.psp”, “.dcx”,
“.pdd”, “.pic”, “.pict”, “.pct”,
“.pmp”, “.ras”, “.raw”, “.srf”, “.sr2”, “.svg”, “.thm”, “.wbmp”,
“.wbm”, “.xcf”, “.xpm”, “.xwd”, “.hdp”, “.wdp”, “.fff”;
Camera RAW Note: Support for RAW files can differ between models within the same manufacturer. Contact us with a sample file to its confirm level of support. Alternatively, upload a sample to our demo account for a live test of support (, username: DAdmin, PW: dbg).