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Launch of our public Object Recognition page

We are pleased to announce our public and extremely easy to use object recognition page. Simply drag and drop a photo onto the page and it will show the objects it finds there. There is plenty of talk about using AI to do object recognition and now you can explore it yourself! Try it here: https://cloud.dbgallery.com/upload/public

Object Recognition

Object recognition uses AI to detect objects in a photo and auto-tag those photos to make finding them easier.

In the image below, objects detected where: Person, Human, Sport, Sports, Ice Skating, Skating, Rink

Ice Skating

Duplicate Photos Are Evil

DBGallery's Webserver Plug-in

Overview of our Plus Web product

  • It provides remote users the ability to upload images to your company's collection.
  • It has a very simple user interface. Have users who want the absolutely simplest interface to dig for and retrieve images.
  • Its excels at enabling your customers access to a subset of your images. For example, you or your company takes photos for a given customer and want that customer to see images, and only their images, using their web browser. Provide access to as many customers, suppliers, etc. as needed.

Web Access to DBGallery

Need to get a DBGallery photo collection accessible via the web? There are a number of options.

1) Self Hosting using our Web Server Plugin

Figure 1: Photo Database Self Hosting

Why Data Tags Are The Best Way To Organize Your Company’s Photo Collection

Those of us that have found themselves in charge of managing tens of thousands of our company’s photographs understand how frustrating this predicament can be. In the past, managers of such collections had to take special care to organize each photo meticulously, whether it be by the date, location, or event at which that the image was captured.

DBGallery's Collection Report Card

There are a whole lot of files in your company's media collection and its often useful to know more stats than simply the number of files and folders. DBGallery provides a quick one-pager overviewing its entire collection, in a dashboard-like layout.

Photo Collection Report Card

Click for a full size view.

Ten Hard Realities of Photo Organization

Fighting reality is like fighting truth. . .you can't win. Many of the errors made in taking care of a digital photo collection come from not understanding basic fundamentals of digital photography management. Following are ten important realities that are not likely to change anytime soon. Understanding these will make will make your digital life much more comfortable and organized.

1) Photo organization never comes without some effort.

Global Markers - Mapping Images across a Map

Knowing all the places you've visited in the world is great but not like seeing them right in front of you across a map. Or at work, understanding approximately where your customers or suppliers are is also great. Maybe you aren't quite sure of them all though. Seeing them across a map, for that 'picture is worth a thousand words' effect, is fabulous. Given most photography hardware captures GPS locations, this should be easy and should be regularly available.