Any tips for installing DBGallery?

For an enterprise-level photo database system, DBGallery is exceptionally easy to install. Getting up an running with multiple computers connecting to the photo database usually takes less than an hour, rarely more than an hour or two. An overview of the steps are:

  1. Download DBGallery
  2. Install Step 1 of the setup program on the server
  3. Install Step 2 on computers connecting to the database
  4. On those computers, run DBGallery and enter the server name in the Database Server entry field when the Advanced Config dialog option appears.
  5. Finally, use either the Wizard to add photo locations which DBGallery will manage, or drag and drop those folders onto the program at any time later. Important: locations need to be a network location such as "\\server name\Photo Folders", or be a common shared drive letter, such as everyone having access to "P:\Photo Folders".

Beyond photos, also supported are videos, sound files, and PDFs.

Full installation instructions are located in PDF format at here. Or if you have a wide screen, the poster format displays better.

Personal version
Installing DBGallery for personal use is extremely easy. Simply download the personal version of DBGallery and run the setup program. Then to add image folders, either use the wizard or drag and drop image folders onto DBGallery at any time.

Web server plugin
The web server plugin enables access to the DBGallery system from the internet using web browsers. Meant for those with technical webserver knowledge, install instructions for the plugin: Linux or Windows. The plugin software is purchased separately. Please contact us at or for additional information.