Video Tutorials

DBGallery Favorite Features

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  A collection of favorite features of DBGallery, the shared photo database system.
  Covered so far are: 1) the Map view, and; 2) quick easy emailing of photos and their data.

Data Editing Tips using DBGallery

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  A How-to video of how to use DBGallery to effectively organize and
  input data into your photos using time efficient methods and features.

Sending photos from DBGallery using Hotmail

Sending photos using any webmail client with DBGallery is quite easy (GMail, YahooMail, Hotmail, etc.). Simply attach the generated PDF file to any email. Here is a demonstration which goes through selecting photos inside DBGallery and then going over to Hotmail to compose the email and attach the PDF holding the photos. [6 mins]

Photo Buckets

Show what Photo Buckets are, creating new ones, and dragging and dropping photos onto them. [6 mins]

Logical Views

What are they. How you use them. [14 mins]

DBGallery in an Office Environment (Technical)

A demo of DBGallery in a multi-user environment, such as a photographers' office, a government agency, or a corporate environment.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a technical video.
[9 mins]

Adding Local Photos

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A quick demo of adding initial photo folders to DBGallery Personal followed by adding photos afterwards.
[3 mins]

Adding Network Photos

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 Watch this one if in a networked multi-user environment using the DBGallery Enterprise version.

 [6 mins]