Quick GeoTag Tour

GPS data and GeoTagging is now in DBGallery...and in a big way! It sports an excellent Map View off the main menu, which fits in with the existing Thumbs, Grid and Full Data Views. A new GPS Quick Info Card has been added. If the GPS coordinates are not already set in the photo, they may be set in the data entry area via map marker drag and drop. The three screenshots below provide an overview of these exciting additions to a great product.

Map View. The map view will display small thumbnails of each photo at their GPS location. Click on a thumbnail and a larger image will be shown. To get to the map view select View from main menu (center top in the above sceenshot) and choose Map View.

Quick Info Card. A new GPS card displays the photo's map location as the mouse cursor rolls over a thumbnail in the Thumbs view. Press 5 on your keyboard to get to the GPS card.

Setting the Coordinates. For images which don't already have a GPS data the simple dragging and dropping of a map marker can set the location coordinates of photos. There is also a place for the photos' address for a quick way to get to the exact location of the photo.