Purchase Options


This option provides the benefit of low-cost, low-risk entry into using DBGallery. The subscription may be canceled online at any time, although any portion the current month already paid will not be refunded. There is a 30-day money back guarantee on the initial purchase.

Subscriptions include all minor and major upgrades as well as any required email and telephone support.

The first month's subscription amount is billed upon checkout. Subsequent billing will occur on the same day each month until the subscription cancelled.

Once a subscription is canceled, usage of DBGallery is no longer permitted. (Unless switching to a Lifetime license model.)

Lifetime License

This is a one time purchase of DBGallery which allows continued use forever. This is unlike the subscription model who's license runs out when the subscription is terminated.

Support and all upgrades are included for the first year of any DBGallery purchase. Support and upgrades for subsequent years require either a maintenance agreement at 20% of the original purchase cost. Without the maintenance option, major upgrades to this lifetime purchase may be made individually, as described below. The first year's maintenance (for a total of 2 years support and upgrades) may be made at the time of purchase by checking the Maintenance checkbox.

Software Upgrade

Chose this option for a one-time major upgrade to DBGallery. Upgrade purchases are not applicable to subscriptions or those with a maintenance agreement as all upgrades are included.