GRR Systems releases version 5.7 of its DBGallery photo database system

DBGallery, an Enterprise-wide photo management system, now supports additional media formats and can be rolled out in a matter of hours.

St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada - September 11, 2012

DBGallery has a single minded focus: the organization of digital media. It does not attempt to be the swiss-army knife of imaging software. It provides a multi-user system to easily add, organize, and extract a company's digital media assets.

With the release of 5.7, DBGallery has the capacity to manage photos, video, audio, and PDFs. While continuing to offer an internally deployed solution, 5.7 enables access and uploads to a media collection via the web, and does so with fine grained access control and security. Amazon's Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2) is used to provide its cloud-based SaaS option.

DBGallery is exceptionally easy to setup and use, comes with a 30-day full money back guarantee, and includes outstanding support. For more information regarding this Digital Asset Management (DAM) software visit the product's website (

Pricing has remained the same since the release of 5.0. It is a free upgrade for existing customers. Pricing options range from a one-time $199 USD per-user license to $3.25 per-user subscriptions. Full details available on the product's pricing page.

GRR Systems has been providing digital photography tools since January 2000. Those tools have evolved into it's current flagship product, DBGallery. It has customers in twenty countries across a variety of industries; primarily engineering, education and the sciences.