GRR Systems Adds Custom Data Fields to DBGallery

DBGallery, an enterprise photo asset management system, builds on its extensive capabilities with the release of version 6.5.

St. John's, Canada - June 18, 2014

DBGallery has a single-minded focus: the organization and access of digital images across the enterprise. It provides a multi-user image management system to easily add, organize, find and export a company's photos, audio, and video across a network.

DBGallery's version 6.5 continues to open itself up to a wider audience with the ability to add custom data fields. This enables our customers to go beyond simply having their own data tags. It extends their capabilities to being able to define special data fields where types of data specific to an industry or company can be added. Many types of organizations, from engineering, education, manufacturing, mining, the sciences, and many more have a need or would find it convenient to utilize their own types of data. Custom fields are first class data fields within the product. It is built into its existing features framework, including selecting from previous entries; it's data-slicing logical views for exploring a collection, quick-view cards, image exports, and search.

DBGallery is exceptionally easy to set up and use, comes with a 30-day full money-back guarantee, and includes outstanding support. For more information regarding this Digital Asset Management (DAM) software, visit the product's website at To give the product a trial run, download an installable trial at, or request a SaaS trial at

Pricing options range from a one-time $299 USD per-user license to $4.90 per-user monthly subscriptions. Full details are available on the product's pricing page.

GRR Systems has been developing digital photography tools since January 2000. Those tools have evolved into it's current flagship product, DBGallery. It has customers in twenty countries across a variety of industries, primarily engineering, education, shipping, environmental services and the sciences.