Granting Permissions

Need to control who has access to your photo collection?

Most companies cannot allow free-for-all access to their valuable photo assets. Perhaps you're responsible for your company's photos and you want to control who has access to those files. You need full access, so does a few others, but many in the company need view/download access only. Others may need to add images but not delete what already exists. This is the type of scenario DBGallery was designed for.

Situations and access requirements vary between organizations. Hence the setup of permissions in DBGallery is very flexible. Following are two potential scenarios.

Simple Scenario
Setting up permissions for the right access control doesn't have to be complex. In many cases there is just one or a handful of people controlling the company's image files, while some or all others need to simply view or download. Figure 1 shows this relatively simple scenario.

Figure 1
Figure 1: Simple Scenario

The simple administrator / consumer environment is quite common for many organizations and was all that was asked for by many customers. This is extremely easy to setup and takes approximately 5 minutes inside DBGallery's permissions pages. Instructions for how to set this up in DBGallery can be found here.

Broad Scenario
Often a company's photo assets are sensitive within departments. They need to be protected, or perhaps just controlled to ensure prevention of accidental deletion of images or their tags. This is when each department requires special access, which is depicted in Figure 2.

Figure 2
Figure 2: Broad Scenario. DBGallery's permissions architecture was built to include this more complex environment.

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