Flexibility - User Access to DBGallery

DBGallery offers flexibility and smart choices for who can access your image collection. It starts with locked-tight in-house access only.

  • In-house only. Secure and allows only those on your company's network access to the image collection.
  • In-house with email import. Still visible strictly from your company's network only, images can be emailed directly into DBGallery by staff, customers, or the general public. A more advanced option tells DBGallery to accept images from specified DBGallery users only.
  • Mixed: In-house with portions of the collection available to the web. This is the configuration deployed by most customers over the past year. Everything still runs on your company's network, but DBGallery's web-server plugin is used to provide secure access to portions of your company's photos over the internet. The web-server plugin accesses the same database of images, you simply tell DBGallery which are accessible by web users, alleviating the need to separately manage images available to the web-server.
  • Fully cloud hosted. We host any of the above options in the cloud (using Amazon servers). You're up an running in no time, and we handle the maintenance, backup and updates so your organization can focus on adding value to it's customers.

The following short video is an overview of these four options:

In-house or SaaS?

Often asked is the question "Where do I want my photo collection system to reside, on our intranet or in the internet utilizing a service provider?" DBGallery can be fully hosted internally at your organization (usually for security reasons), or the burden can be completely outsourced via our Software as a Service (SaaS) option in the cloud. Both take just an hour or two to setup. The internal intranet option requires internal resources, scheduling, and a minimal skillset, while the SaaS option is fully handled by us. DBGallery's flexibility, including hybrid models, are highlighted in the diagram below. The choice is yours to make.

The Pros and Cons of Intranet vs SaaS

Intranet (Internal to your organization)
  Alleviate security concerns for organizations not ready to move to the cloud.

  Can have higher upfront costs (DBGallery's life-time license costs more upfront than a monthly SaaS subscription).

Software as a Service (SaaS)
  No setup required. GRR Systems provisions all required components.
  Requires no computing resources at your location.
  Fully redundant backup of files and any software setup and settings.
  Exceptionally reliable.
  Very low upfront costs.

  Some organizations are not ready to move assets outside their full control.
  Without a good internet connection a SaaS solution can under perform.

A SaaS Story
One customer keeps snapshots of delivery items as they are moved through various transportation modes (truck, ocean liner, train). They do this because their VIP customers want to be sure there is no damage along the way, and if there is, where it happened. DBGallery is used by company administrators to stored images in our SaaS solution while allowing their VIP customer access to a just their images via DBGallery's web-server plugin.


Getting even more Flexible: a deeper look shows five in-house/SaaS deployment scenarios

DBGallery Scenarios

SaaS look like it might be right for your organization? Request a SaaS Trial.