What is DBGallery's Storage Limit?

Drive Space Limit

DBGallery doesn't store the images in it's database, they're stored on your drives. So the size limit is dependent on the amount of disk space available.

Database Record Count Limit

In it's database, there is a record for each image. Hence it's the database storage limit which comes into play, and since we're using MySQL as the database, the limit is very large. A number of factors determine the maximum number, but the worse case would be in the millions.

Performance Limit

The first storage limiting factor most customer come across with DBGallery is performance beyond some number of images. This is dependent on the processor, disk and network speed. For example, on a fast 2017 computer (I7 8th generation, 16 GB ram) on the same kind of server, performance degradates at as you head towards 1 million images.