Does DBGallery work with DropBox?

Yes. Using DropBox, or similiar such tools such as SugarSync, you can store all your images in the cloud (i.e. in your DropBox). This is a great way to share images with others using DBGallery, where everyone who shares a DropBox sees shared photos in their instance of DBGallery. Each time any person adds images or updates data on their system, it gets sync'd with the DBGallery on all other computers!

Using DropBox is a great way to use the internet as the location of DBGallery's shared photo collection.

UPDATE: There is now a DBGallery YouTube Channel video on sharing images with DBGallery and DropBox:

After posting this video it's been asked if DBGallery works with SugarSync. It does! There is basically no difference in DBGallery itself as to whether it's working with DropBox or SugarSync folders. I.e. Both work equally as well from DBGallery's perspective.