Can DBGallery run on a Mac?

DBGallery's primary interface is Windows only.  There are 3 options for Mac users:

1. Parallels and VMWare Fusion can be used to run DBGallery on a Mac.

The image files and database may also reside on a Mac, or DBGallery can connect to the database and file servers running on Windows or Linux.  Often there is one or two Mac users connecting to the same database that a larger larger group of Windows users. 

VMWare Fusion's Unity feature allows Windows applications to run on Mac desktop's.  Run DBGallery as a Unity window and it appears DBGallery is running natively on a Mac!  See how cleanly Unity run Windows applications in this YouTube video:

2. Use DBGallery's web server plugin so Mac users may search and export via a browser.

DBGallery has an option called Plus Web which will access the collection using a web browser.  Although it cannot be used for organizing the collection or tagging images it is excellent for users who are consumers of images, those who would search for and potentially export those images.  Sometimes it is just the collection administrators which runs the Windows desktop application to add, tag, organize user interface, with other users accessing the collection via a browser.

3. Use our cloud-based service.

Use the fully hosted SaaS solution where your images and the database reside in the cloud.  We use Amazon's cloud servers.  The DBGallery Windows desktop application is then accessed by using Microsoft Remote Desktop (available for free on the Mac App Store).