Can DBGallery run on a Mac?

DBGallery's primary interface is Windows only.  There are 3 options for Mac users:

1. Parallels and VMWare Fusion can be used to run DBGallery on a Mac.

The image files and database may also reside on a Mac, or DBGallery can connect to the database and file servers running on Windows or Linux.  Often there is one or two Mac users connecting to the same database that a larger larger group of Windows users. 

VMWare Fusion's Unity feature allows Windows applications to run on Mac desktop's.  Run DBGallery as a Unity window and it appears DBGallery is running natively on a Mac!  See how cleanly Unity run Windows applications in this YouTube video:

2. Use DBGallery's web server plugin so Mac users may search and export via a browser.

DBGallery has an server-software option called Plus Web which will access the collection using a web browser.  

3. Use our cloud-based service.

Use the fully hosted SaaS solution where your images and the database reside in the cloud.  We use Amazon's cloud servers.  Signup for a trial account is here, or use our demo login on that page: DAdmin/dbg as the Username/pw.