Customer Usage Scenarios

DBGallery is used across a wide range of industries, organizations and non-profit groups. Below are a small percentage of current and real business uses for our photo management system. It is a flexible product that can be used across an incredible number of business requirements, and surprisingly often seems built for just that business alone.


A DBGallery shipping customer scenario: a crate is moved from one country's component factory to another country's final product factory, on it's journey a photo is taken each time it is moved. This is done for quality assurance. That photo includes markers such as impact and humidity flags, and is emailed to head office as soon as it is snapped. Once approved by the DBGallery administrator, the shipping customer is able to see photos of their very important crates each time they are moved from one shipping medium to another. This is important to the customer, who own's the final product factory, because that crate is a part of a just-in-time parts supply chain.

Video 1: The shipping scenario described above. (No Sound)


Our education customers range from K-12, to private schools and universities, to education associations overseeing groups of these.

  • A private school uses the web server plug-in for parents to login and see photos of school events and their children.
  • A K-12 supplier uses DBGallery to import data, edit it, and then re-export it for input to a large supplies website.
  • Another private school's marketing department used DBGallery internally to organize their images. They provided read-only access to other staff within the school who were doing non-marketing related activities such as putting together the yearbook. Parents of the school's students put volunteered in helping put together a monthly newsletter, for which DBGallery's web server plugin was then used to give select parents access to some areas of the database of images.

"DBGallery is a powerful and cost effective tool that has allowed us to share digital assets with others in our organization. The system is flexible, intuitive, and has many features to help make archiving and searching for photos very easy. The best part about the system is that the DBGallery team provides top-notch service and support to help with set up and any questions that may arise. I highly recommend the system to organizations of any size."
    - Melissa Tassoni, The Shipley School (August 5, 2014)

Mining and Geology

DBGallery can be used as a photo management tool which ties into Google Maps, demonstrating the benefits of a well organized image collection showing search results exported onto rich mining area maps.

A DBGallery mining customer scenario:
Company personnel had taken photographs of core samples where and when they were drilled*. They already had the appropriate topographical overlays showing mineral composition in the areas they were exploring. What they didn't have was an easy means of organizing their many photos, nor anything but an awkward way to get the images when they did find them into Google Earth, where they were be useful as they browsed an exploration area. The company migrated to using DBGallery as their image management system. They are now able to easily find images, and exporting them directly atop their topographical overlays in Google Earth couldn't be simpler. They are able zoom in to the location they're interested in, based on the mineral content shown in the overlays, and see the core samples exactly in the context they were taken!

* The cameras used to take the photographs either had GPS stamping built in (many do) or they used DBGallery once back in the office to precisely mark their GPS coordinates. For a short tour of DBGallary's GeoTagging capabilities see

"DBGallery has what we need, and was the only product found in an Internet search that supports export to Google Earth, providing fast photo support to our many field mapping projects."
    - David Good, Stillwater Canada (September 5, 2014)

Video 2: A mining industry sample using DBGallery's Google Earth Export.

A few of DBGallery's Customers