Isn't having a MySql database a little complex for most people?

Most people using DBGallery never have to know there is such a sophisticated database in the background. They can use DBGallery for many useful years without needing to know whats running in the background. And MySql takes up little memory and almost no resources when not being used by DBGallery.

So why such a major database system? Flexibility! When required, companies make good use of that powerful database. Photo data is an organizational asset. So there are two main reasons for the chosen database and DBGallery's architecture:
1) When keyed inside DBGallery and stored in the database, data is accessible by many other systems and applications. For example, data may be extracted by other applications and presented on the web via an organization's systems' development department.
2) Multiple people in an office environment can all access the same database and photos. In this case, the database resides on a central server with DBGallery running on everyone's machine. This is often called a client-server or multi-tiered environment.

About half of the usage of DBGallery is in these types of sophisticated setups. For more on this see the Enterprise/Office page here, or the video on this type of setup here.

But to repeat, for those wanting a simple but powerful system they never have to know this powerful database and architecture is included with DBGallery.