How do I move from a single-user to a multi-user setup?

This question comes up in scenarios such as having used DBGallery on only one machine at home or the office and you're decided to add additional users.

There are two steps:
1) Perform configuration changes as detailed below. Don't be daunted by amount to text, it's really not all that difficult.
2) If not already done, purchase one additional copy of the DBGallery client for each machine it will be used on. Note that the database does not get installed on each machine.

Configuration changes required:
Below is the query to run to set things up to move to a shared database. Essentially it's just changing the database to have each image point to a network path instead of a local drive letter. This is required because a local drive such as C: doesn't mean much on other's computers, and the photos were likely initially added by dragging and dropping them from a local drive. Unless of course the photos were added from a network drive in the first place. If that is the case everything below won't be required. But if the photos were added from a local drive read on...

I've bolded the areas in the SQL below requiring change. In what's currently there win2k3-photo is the name of the computer and PhotoDisk is the a 'share' setup to provide access to photos on the network computer.

>>> These commands would be copy/pasted into the MySql Query Browser.
update images set img_loc = concat('\\\\win2k3-photo\\PhotoDisk', (select right(img_loc, (select CHAR_LENGTH(img_loc)-2)))) where (select left(img_loc, 2)) = 'C:';
update folders set folder_fullpath = concat('\\\\win2k3-photo\\PhotoDisk', (select right(folder_fullpath, (select CHAR_LENGTH(folder_fullpath)-2)))) where (select left(folder_fullpath, 2)) = 'C:';

Please backup your database before executing the query. See the Database Backup section of the User Guide here for help with that.

Two other things to note:

1. Write privileges are required for the share so IPTC/XMP data can be written to the files.
2. What might be seen on other's computers is 'Image Not Found' in the main thumbs view of DBGallery. That indicates that they don't have access to the share. There's a few options here: have users log onto the machine manually (not a great option), run DBGallery and a Net Use command from a batch file (e.g. "net use \\\DriveD MyPassword /user:MyUserID", or use various other means to supply access to the share. Contact us direct via contact form if there are any issues with this.

There's also a short video on adding photos in a multi-user environment which has useful information to ensure photos added later are visible on each users' computer (watch it here). There's also a good look at a multi-user photo database setup in the video here.