Any tips for resolving client connection issues to the database?

Yes, several.

1) Always start by ensuring the client computer has access to the database computer. Do this by using a program such as Windows Explorer to go to the database machine. E.g. Type \\CorpDBServer into Explorer's address bar and press enter.

2) Using the same machine name or ip address used in the previous step and copy/paste it into the hostname field of the Advanced Configuration dialog in DBGallery. Copy/paste is recommend to avoid typing mistakes during these trouble moments. The \\ isn't required in the hostname, but if it's used DBGallery will strip it. Example of hostnames are CorpDBServer and

[Before moving to the next steps you will need the MySql GUI Tools. They are available at Alternatively the MySql command line may be used for those who understand how to use that tool.]

3) Try connecting from the client to the database server using MySql Administrator. If using the default MySql install shipped with DBGallery use the following: Hostname=; Username=root; Password=dbg

4) The next logical thing to do is to ensure there are privileges in MySql for the client machine. This step is often required if using a MySql other than the one shipped with DBGallery (i.e. there was already a MySql installed). To do this use MySql Query Analyzer and do one of the following:

  • To grant privileges to all computers with access to the internal network, use:
    [NOTE: DBGallery install defaults are used here. 'DBGallery' being the database name, 'root' being the username, and 'dbg' being the password. Change these for you environment if not using DBGallery's defaults.]
  • To grant privileges to specific computers , use the following for each computer requiring access. This is a high security but fairly high maintenance but option each new client starting to use DBGallery will require this command to be executed:
    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DBGallery.* TO root@'<machine name or ip>' IDENTIFIED BY 'dbg';