Recent Updates

Enhancements deployed on December 16, 2019 (v8.9)

PlusWeb Enhancements

  • Tag any number of images at once.
  • Edit data of any number of images

    This “multi-edit” additions has the follow features (see corresponding numbers in the above screenshot):

    1. View Multiple Existing Values: Whenever there are existing multiple data values for an entry field there is a circled ‘i’ shown. Press the circled ‘i’ to see all existing data values. In the example above, all six images have a different set of keywords. The Subject fields all have =the same data value, Botanical, hence it doesn’t show as (multiple values) or have an ‘i’.
    2. Map Markers: There is a separate marker on the map for each image that has a GPS location.
    3. Easily Append Text: Add to exist data simply by typing new info after existing text. If there is a (multiple values), type anything after it and the new value is appended to the end of that field in each image.
    4. See the images being edited: A thumb for each image selected is shown in the top left corner, along with the image count.

  • 27 additional data fields available for edit.
    Whether editing data of multiple images or just one, many more metadata fields are now available for edit. Any fields with a lite grey background, as in City or Country shown above, are now editable.
  • Export to Advanced Reports.
    This flexible export and sharing feature produces a variety of layouts written to a PDF file. Select from a dozen layout templates and chose exactly the data required. This makes for an excellent means of producing a catalog or to share with your audience in a static major.
  • Export to Advanced Reports

  • Improved Help page. We’ve added search tips and video tutorials to the help page.

   Desktop Enhancements

  • Improved memory management greatly improving the resiliency of resync and auto-resync.

Release 8.8 [November 15, 2019]

PlusWeb Updates only for Release 8.8 (see 8.5 below for the latest desktop changes)

  • Audit Trail. One of our more major recent updates, there is now an audit trail of operations which users have been performing within the system. Available to administrators only, it shows what images have been deleted, the specific data edits, what images are being shared, logs images being uploaded, and other events. This is our initial release and any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Please send comments to
    Audit Trail

  • Data edit for video has improved to allow data saving while the video is playing. Until now it may have felt like data for videos couldn’t even be edited! No longer. Upload videos and start editing data immediately afterwards. Available only to those with privileges to edit images’ data.
  • Ability to show/hide Star rating. Some companies simple don’t using the rating system, where an image can be given a rating of 1 to 5 stars. This may now be completely turned off by administrators in Preferences.
  • A number of small updates, fixes and improvements, such as a small update which prevents and image from being opened twice on a slow connection.

Release 8.7 [August 16, 2019]

PlusWeb Updates only for Release 8.7 (see 8.5 below for the latest desktop changes)

  • Full Data View

    Showing all available data for an image, Full Data View is the largest part of this update. This view includes all available IPTC/XMP metadata, GPS and map info, Exif data such as date taken and file size, and any custom fields your organization has defined. The number of times the image has been viewed, View Count, is also included.

    This release allows editing of data above the first grey row (above File Details, etc): Author, Title, Subject, Keywords, Description, Location, Latitude, Longitude. Other fields will be editable in an upcoming release.

    (click for a full size view)

    View Data View

  • Updated main page bar:

       - 3 bars for the folders sidebar.

       - Logged in user is shown in on the logout button.

       Main Page Meny Bar
  • Double click at a thumb to open an image. Or double tab on a touch device. Also, “Preview” has been renamed to “Open”.

       Double click thumb to open an image
  • Removed 3 Outdated Views: Timeline, Wall, Curved views.
  • Numerous small UI Tweaks:

       - Gallery View icon in the main menu updated.

       - Arrow keys when an image is viewed allow moving forward and backward through the list (sometimes have to click on the actual image first to ensure the correct control has been selected. I.e. arrow keys don’t work when in a text control).

       - Folder name is now clearly indicated in the upload dialog.

       - Vocabulary changes for consistency. E.g. Always use ‘Image’ rather than sometimes calling it ‘File’ or ‘Photo’.

       - Improved Tooltip descriptions.
  • Recent Video Tutorial Additions (click to open in YouTube):

       - Uploading Images:

    Upload images video

       - Sharing Images:

    Sharing images video

Release 8.6 [June 1, 2019]

PlusWeb Updates only for Release 8.6 (see 8.5 below for the latest desktop changes)

    • Uploads improvements:
      • Reverse geocoding on upload.
      • Improved notification for when uploads are completed.
      • Improved upload progress, including overall size and upload speed.
    • Mobile Improvements:
      • Multi-select on touch devices.
      • Folders tree has larger icons for easier selection.
    • Video Service Improvements:
      • Video service improvements on the backend for smoother uploads, improved stability, and better playback.
      • Backend also now shows the size of the file being uploaded.
      • Video thumbs now shows processing status on the video icon!
      • Video Upload Progress

    • Changes in New Accounts activation:
      • Easier for user to go through the process.
      • Post sign-up page has a login link.
      • Login page indicates user has not yet activited, and has an option to resend the activation link.
    • Active Directory: Roles can now be assigned between AD and DBGallery. When a user logs into DBGallery we first check that they are in a group that has access to DBGallery. Then any user login in via AD is assigned one or more roles.
    • Preview button has moved and is now at the bottom of the thumbnail:
    • DBGallery Thumb Preview Button

    • Map view greatly improved. Each image with a GPS stamp can now show across the map as thumbs or markers, and the markers can be counts of images near that location.
    • Map shown and location may be changed in Data Edit (for those with data edit permissions). The map may also be viewed by those images are shared by pressing the Details button.
    • Plus Web Map Location Setting

      Desktop Updates

        • Maps changes: Due to Google API changes we have replace some the underlying components that display maps. As part of that change the image View and Edit Data window is no longer able to set a GPS location on the map. Latitude and Longitude may be setup, but within a text field.

      Release 8.5 [Feb 25, 2019]

      Desktop Updates

        • Added AWS Rekognition setup button to the Image Recognition dialog.

      PlusWeb Updates

        • Disabled context menu on preview images and videos if download permissions isn't granted.
        • Moved object recognition settings from configuration file to the UI available in web and desktop.
        • Images sharing permission is now at the folder-level rather than global.
        • New improved sharing dialog showing what's being shared. If the user sharing images has permissions to view a folder but not share from that folder, that will be indicated by not showing those thumbs in the share dialog.
          Sharing Images

      PlusWeb Bugfixes:

        • Using recognition could create redundant scaled copies of image in the image folders.
        • Issue with stalled background image recognition jobs.
        • Fully hide object recognition from GUI when it's disabled.
        • Updated mysql reference libarary.

      Release 8.4.1 [Dec 10, 2018]


      Introducing Object Recognition!

      PlusWeb Updates

        • Rotation. Images are now currently rotated when uploaded and viewed.
        • This Whats New Dialog. From here on whenever there are updates they'll show here just once.
        • Folder is no longer lost on a refresh. This was critical because the upload and other context buttons could sometimes get lost (a folder must be selected for them to be visible.
        • Added a slideshow timer.
        • Don't show the GPS view option in thumbs when not GPS data is available.
        • Don't zip when downloading single selected image, download the image exactly as is.
        • Image Recognition. Automatically have tags added to your images for improved search capabilities.
        • PlusWeb Thumbs

          Smaller additions to PlusWeb:

        • Confirmation dialog when deleting a role.
        • When a new folder is created, automatically change to that folder.
        • Hide video service stop/start preferences if they are not accessible.
        • Improved permissions for download, edit, and delete.
        • Trim spaces at the end of folder names when creating folders (which caused issue in some cases).
        • Fixes to the upload dialog on Edge.

        Desktop Updates

        • Support for reading PDF thumbnails of files with non-English file names (those with special multi-byte characters).
        • Added Whole Word search to the data and all custom Search tabs. (Works on everything but a global field search.)
        • Improved re-sync when sub-folders are involved.
        • Fixed Year-by-Year and By-Month reports which were not appearing since the previous release.

      Release 8.2 [Oct 12, 2018]


      Excellent Plus Web enhancements and a couple desktop fixes.

      PlusWeb Updates

        • Thumbs are shown during preview.
        • PlusWeb Thumbs

        • IPTC data is written directly to file when edited within Plus Web.
        • IPTC data is read from newly uploaded files.
        • Video service fix to auto reconnect to the database when its connection is lost.
        • Added an option to add your Google Analytics for usage statistics.
        • Upload improvements. A Retry button for failed uploads and general UI experience updates such as automatically starting uploads.
        • PlusWeb Upload Dialog

        Desktop Fixes

        • Fixed an initial installation issue during database creation for non-English locales.
        • Uninstall fix to include the removal of the database (MySQL).

      Release 8.1 [Sept 6, 2018]


      Primarily to touch-up a few issues found in the large 8.0 release. Also a few small optimizations and improvements.

      Desktop Updates

      • Custom Fields name validation improvements.
      • Improved image rotation.
      • License Manager fix for when reporting invalid keys.
      • Improved multi-byte character support (for Chinese, Cyrillic, Russian, etc.)

      PlusWeb Updates

        • Search optimization.
        • Fix for auto-start video playback on iOS.
        • Video service bug fix in rare thumbs generation conflict error.
        • Bugfix for download in preview.
        • Improved multi-byte character support (for Chinese, Cyrillic, Russian, etc.)

      Release 8.0 [April 17, 2018]


      Version 8 of DBGallery has been a while in the works and focuses primarily on PlusWeb updates. That is, they are in the web side of the system. The newest PlusWeb has a much improved look, allows editing of basic data directly from a web browser rather than needing the desktop version (if permissions are provided to that user), greatly improved video support, and a fabulously easy and simple means of sharing images. For a live view of the latest PlusWeb, visit (Uid: DAdmin, Pw: dbg), see an overview.

      PlusWeb Updates

      1. Data Edit
        • Edit basic data directly from the browser.
        • Open this new ability to only those who you trust with manipulating data.
        • Those able to edit data may also delete files.

        Edit Metadata

      2. Share Images via Public Link
        • An exceptionally easy means of sharing 1 or a group of images, videos and PDFs.
        • Exceptionally easy to use: just select the images, press the share button, and send the link to those to view the images.
        • Only the images select can be viewed by those with the link.
        • Securely share images to the public without the need to login. While access to your image collection via the web requires a login, those shared this way does not require that step. Of course, only those with this link can see those images, and only those images.
        • Edit Metadata

      3. Download images as pdf report
        • Edit Metadata

      4. Redesigned main screen with images
        • Supports showing of images and data.
        • Improved menu.
        • Edit Metadata

      5. Ability to preview PDF files.

      Desktop Updates

      • Custom Fields data copy during a file operation Copy/Move within DBGallery
      • Click on an image in the map on the desktop to open up that image.
      • Improved Advanced Reports introduced in 7.5.
      • Fixed maps issues cause by a Google Maps API change.