Recent Updates

Release 8.5 [Feb 25, 2019]

Desktop Updates

    • Added AWS Rekognition setup button to the Image Recognition dialog.

PlusWeb Updates

    • Disabled context menu on preview images and videos if download permissions isn't granted.
    • Moved object recognition settings from configuration file to the UI available in web and desktop.
    • Images sharing permission is now at the folder-level rather than global.
    • New improved sharing dialog showing what's being shared. If the user sharing images has permissions to view a folder but not share from that folder, that will be indicated by not showing those thumbs in the share dialog.
      Sharing Images

PlusWeb Bugfixes:

    • Using recognition could create redundant scaled copies of image in the image folders.
    • Issue with stalled background image recognition jobs.
    • Fully hide object recognition from GUI when it's disabled.
    • Updated mysql reference libarary.

Release 8.4.1 [Dec 10, 2018]


Introducing Object Recognition!

PlusWeb Updates

    • Rotation. Images are now currently rotated when uploaded and viewed.
    • This Whats New Dialog. From here on whenever there are updates they'll show here just once.
    • Folder is no longer lost on a refresh. This was critical because the upload and other context buttons could sometimes get lost (a folder must be selected for them to be visible.
    • Added a slideshow timer.
    • Don't show the GPS view option in thumbs when not GPS data is available.
    • Don't zip when downloading single selected image, download the image exactly as is.
    • Image Recognition. Automatically have tags added to your images for improved search capabilities.
    • PlusWeb Thumbs

      Smaller additions to PlusWeb:

    • Confirmation dialog when deleting a role.
    • When a new folder is created, automatically change to that folder.
    • Hide video service stop/start preferences if they are not accessible.
    • Improved permissions for download, edit, and delete.
    • Trim spaces at the end of folder names when creating folders (which caused issue in some cases).
    • Fixes to the upload dialog on Edge.

    Desktop Updates

    • Support for reading PDF thumbnails of files with non-English file names (those with special multi-byte characters).
    • Added Whole Word search to the data and all custom Search tabs. (Works on everything but a global field search.)
    • Improved re-sync when sub-folders are involved.
    • Fixed Year-by-Year and By-Month reports which were not appearing since the previous release.

Release 8.2 [Oct 12, 2018]


Excellent Plus Web enhancements and a couple desktop fixes.

PlusWeb Updates

    • Thumbs are shown during preview.
    • PlusWeb Thumbs

    • IPTC data is written directly to file when edited within Plus Web.
    • IPTC data is read from newly uploaded files.
    • Video service fix to auto reconnect to the database when its connection is lost.
    • Added an option to add your Google Analytics for usage statistics.
    • Upload improvements. A Retry button for failed uploads and general UI experience updates such as automatically starting uploads.
    • PlusWeb Upload Dialog

    Desktop Fixes

    • Fixed an initial installation issue during database creation for non-English locales.
    • Uninstall fix to include the removal of the database (MySQL).

Release 8.1 [Sept 6, 2018]


Primarily to touch-up a few issues found in the large 8.0 release. Also a few small optimizations and improvements.

Desktop Updates

  • Custom Fields name validation improvements.
  • Improved image rotation.
  • License Manager fix for when reporting invalid keys.
  • Improved multi-byte character support (for Chinese, Cyrillic, Russian, etc.)

PlusWeb Updates

    • Search optimization.
    • Fix for auto-start video playback on iOS.
    • Video service bug fix in rare thumbs generation conflict error.
    • Bugfix for download in preview.
    • Improved multi-byte character support (for Chinese, Cyrillic, Russian, etc.)

Release 8.0 [April 17, 2018]


Version 8 of DBGallery has been a while in the works and focuses primarily on PlusWeb updates. That is, they are in the web side of the system. The newest PlusWeb has a much improved look, allows editing of basic data directly from a web browser rather than needing the desktop version (if permissions are provided to that user), greatly improved video support, and a fabulously easy and simple means of sharing images. For a live view of the latest PlusWeb, visit (Uid: DAdmin, Pw: dbg), see an overview.

PlusWeb Updates

  1. Data Edit
    • Edit basic data directly from the browser.
    • Open this new ability to only those who you trust with manipulating data.
    • Those able to edit data may also delete files.

    Edit Metadata

  2. Share Images via Public Link
    • An exceptionally easy means of sharing 1 or a group of images, videos and PDFs.
    • Exceptionally easy to use: just select the images, press the share button, and send the link to those to view the images.
    • Only the images select can be viewed by those with the link.
    • Securely share images to the public without the need to login. While access to your image collection via the web requires a login, those shared this way does not require that step. Of course, only those with this link can see those images, and only those images.
    • Edit Metadata

  3. Download images as pdf report
    • Edit Metadata

  4. Redesigned main screen with images
    • Supports showing of images and data.
    • Improved menu.
    • Edit Metadata

  5. Ability to preview PDF files.

Desktop Updates

  • Custom Fields data copy during a file operation Copy/Move within DBGallery
  • Click on an image in the map on the desktop to open up that image.
  • Improved Advanced Reports introduced in 7.5.
  • Fixed maps issues cause by a Google Maps API change.