Recent Updates

Release 8.0 [April 17, 2018]


Version 8 of DBGallery has been a while in the works and focuses primarily on PlusWeb updates. That is, they are in the web side of the system. The newest PlusWeb has a much improved look, allows editing of basic data directly from a web browser rather than needing the desktop version (if permissions are provided to that user), greatly improved video support, and a fabulously easy and simple means of sharing images. For a live view of the latest PlusWeb, visit (Uid: DAdmin, Pw: dbg), see an overview.

PlusWeb Updates

  1. Data Edit
    • Edit basic data directly from the browser.
    • Open this new ability to only those who you trust with manipulating data.
    • Those able to edit data may also delete files.

    Edit Metadata

  2. Share Images via Public Link
    • An exceptionally easy means of sharing 1 or a group of images, videos and PDFs.
    • Exceptionally easy to use: just select the images, press the share button, and send the link to those to view the images.
    • Only the images select can be viewed by those with the link.
    • Securely share images to the public without the need to login. While access to your image collection via the web requires a login, those shared this way does not require that step. Of course, only those with this link can see those images, and only those images.
    • Edit Metadata

  3. Download images as pdf report
    • Edit Metadata

  4. Redesigned main screen with images
    • Supports showing of images and data.
    • Improved menu.
    • Edit Metadata

  5. Ability to preview PDF files.

Desktop Updates

  • Custom Fields data copy during a file operation Copy/Move within DBGallery
  • Click on an image in the map on the desktop to open up that image.
  • Improved Advanced Reports introduced in 7.5.
  • Fixed maps issues cause by a Google Maps API change.

Release 7.5 [Jan 16, 2016]

Update Details

  1. Advanced Reports Generation
    • Numerous configuration options for highly customizable reports
    • Header and footer graphics
    • Choose from over a dozen templates, including 16 imgs per page for catalog indexes, 2 or 3 images per page, 1 image per page. Each template allows the choice of which data is displayed
    • Choose the font and its size
    • Footer page numbers
    • Advanced image ordering option
    • Preview the report from the configuration dialog
    • Choose to auto-override existing files for quick report producing workflow
    • One-click report creation using the "Export Report using Current Configuration"

    Advanced Reports Generation

  2. Custom Fields Upgrades
    • Definitions dialog allows for an unlimited number of fields
    • Now able to sort thumb search results by custom fields
    • Custom Field Tabs may be created. Custom Fields are placed in these tabs when edited or created.
    • Custom Field Tabs may be ordered as well as hidden. Hidden custom tabs is available when imported custom data should not be displayed.
    • Supported in the data import
    • Fixed data duplication during copying files with custom fields
  3. Virtual Sets Upgrades
    • Main menu Export Menu works with Virtual Sets
    • Virtual Sets icon changed from a bucket to double squares throughout the interface: (The old bucket icons looked too much like a recycle or garbage bin.)
    • Added a few more Virtual Sets icons, which can be set in Virtual Sets Properties.
    • Add Virtual Sets menu item to main View menu. (Makes it more obvious how to toggle Virtual Sets.)
    • Added several more Virtual Sets properties icons
    • Thumb sizes can now be adjusted
    • MapView now supported from Virtual Sets (select a Virtual Sets image thumb and choose Map View)
  4. Import Tool adds support for importing to custom fields. It also has simplified interface, greatly improved documentation,as well as general improvements such as update existing records (vs adding new records only).
  5. Tested and confirmed to work on Windows 10.
  6. Support for Windows font sizes greater than 100%.
  7. Sort options have more convenient access, available directly from the main menu.
  8. For improved photo viewing quality, added a "Use highest photo viewing quality (slower)" option. This option is turned off by default and may be changed in Application Settings' UI Basics tab.
  9. Export to folder: Exclude metadata fixed.

Smaller but Notable Desktop Updates

  • Reverse GeoCoding improvements. (Progress bar and addresses retrieved count)
  • Ctrl-V shortcut key for "View & Edit Data" has been changed to Ctrl-T. Solved a problem with file rename when pressing Ctrl-V to paste the new filename.
  • Added extra "Are you sure" prompts before removing Virtual Sets, their images or groups
  • Updated Collection Report Card, including adding percentage graphics. [show a screenshot of this fancy one]
  • Fixed a Maps display error when there we image with a more than one latitude or latitude GPS value
  • Fixed issue with Application Settings not saving on the personal version
  • Fixed an issue where corrupt or unreadable images could freeze the application during initial image loading

PlusWeb Updates

  • Video service supporting a very large number of formats by converting to a common playable format. Thumbs are auto-added but also has the ability to set your own thumbs on videos.
  • Improved overall performance.

Release 7.0 [May 4, 2015]

Update Details

  1. Permissions on Virtual Sets Sets now have the same fine-grained permissions which folders has always had. This means you can create them and keep them private, or share them with whomever is appropriate. Access permissions are very similiar to those available for folders: View, Edit, Delete, Add, Move, etc.
    Virtual Sets Permissions

  2. Reverse GeoCoding This is a powerful and extremely convenient option for auto-tagging images with valuable and searchable data immediately upon having image files added to DBGallery. E.g. When photos of a construction site in Manhattan are taken and added to DBGallery, you will be able to immediately search for Manhattan or New York and those images will be shown! GPS data needs to have been available on the device which snapped the photos. Most modern pocket and larger Digital SLR cameras has this option, and almost all mobile phones and tables, so there is a good change your images have GPS data and will be able to take advantage of this excellent feature!
    Reverse GeoCoding

  3. Auto-ReSync DBGallery works directly with your file and folder system, and most operations for moving and re-arranging files and folders can be done within DBGallery. But inevitably someone will perform file operations outside DBGallery which used to require manually pressing the 'Folder ReSync' button. No longer! Version 7 can have Auto-ReSync turned on and it will monitor file renames, deletes, moves and updates and automatically update its database. (Note: Auto-ReSync is turned off by default and may be turn on in Application Settings.)

Smaller but Notable Desktop Updates

  • Now able to rename an image file within DBGallery, in addition to existing ability to renaming folders. (Select a thumb and press F2 or right-click a thumb and choose Rename.)
  • DBGallery may now be minimized to the system tray. (Application Settings | UI Basics | Minimize to Tray)Minimize to Tray

  • Titles under thumbnails are automatically updated after a data edit.
  • Author, Folder, and Rating added as a sort menu option in search results display.
  • Added support for AVCHD MTS Video (.avchd files) used in many of todays camcorders.
  • Maps: Zoom level improvements.
  • Fixed an issue with rounding for Lat/Lng, preventing numbers such as -116.14150000000001 which should actually be -116.1415.
  • Improved performance when right-clicking on a large number of thumbnails.
  • Fix to the Original Size selection when exporting.
  • Resolved an issue where some computers reported a dll load problem.
  • Fixed locale issues for Brazil during initial database creation.
  • Each time an image is rotated the correct image height/width is re-read and set in the database (important for those using the web server plugin).
  • Small updates to Startup Tips.

Web Server Plugin Updates

  1. Virtual Sets now viewable in the web server plugin Virtual Sets may now be viewed over the web by users given permissions to do so. Among many other great uses for this awesome new capability, this allows those who administer a collection to have the backend folders organized and hidden from the collection's users while creating whichever 'face' they want to put on the collection by placing images from multiple folders in a virtual set for web users. Permissions which can be turned on and off for the web include: Who can see them in search results, who preview of larger images, and whether they are allowed to download the image. These are turned on and off for each Virtual Set.
  2. Virtual Sets Permissions

  3. Sort options have been added Sort by: Added to Database, Date Taken, Title and Relevance. Maybe be order Ascending or Descending.Virtual Sets Permissions

  4. Improved audio/video support and playback.
  5. Improved performance.
    Smaller but Notable Plugin Updates
  • Title may be configured to show for Audio, Video, and Images. On by default for audio and video.
  • Fixed issue with thumbnail visibility when clicked and near the bottom of the page.
  • Fixes issues with the 3D views.
  • Improved use of database connections.
  • Fix: "Keep me signed in" can be turned off.
  • Fixed Star (Rating) search.

Release 6.8 [September 6, 2014]

Update Details

  1. New Logo and Icon. [Note to customers upgrading: the desktop and taskbar icon will change from the old icon to the spinning photograph wheel in the logo shown below.]
    DBGallery Logo

  2. The Online node in the Folder tree has been renamed to "Managed Folders".
    Also, the offline node of the Folder tree has been removed. Offline functionality remains and the node will appear automatically for customers with existing offline images.
    Managed Folders Screenshot

Release 6.7 [August 10, 2014]

Update Details

  1. Custom Fields tabs now have scrollbars where appropriate.
  2. Keyword Replace in Logical Views now defaults to a Whole Word search and replace.

Release 6.6 [July 18, 2014]

Update Details

  1. Improved Installation: Added a digital code signing certificate. This provides confidence the software really came from us and ensures the code has not been altered or corrupted since it was signed.
  2. Added support for vector graphics files .AI and .EPS (Adobe Illustrator Artwork and Encapsulated PostScript)
  3. Resolved an issue with Custom Fields.
  4. Added "Missing Images" removal options:

Release 6.5 [June 18, 2014]

Update Details

  1. Custom Fields. DBGallery has the ability to add your own data fields. In addition to Title, Keywords, and other standard fields, create you own data fields for entry and search. E.g. Part Number, Diagnosis, Site Number, Student Grade. See more in the "Defining Custom Data Fields" Quick Tour (PDF).
    Figure: Dialog for defining custom fields.

  2. Now supports image data in most languages. Newly tested for this version: Farsi, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Czech, Spanish, and Hebrew. This is in addition to those already tested : French, Spanish, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Portuguese
  3. A number of cosmetic user interface improvements.
  4. MapView - several improvements including:
    • Added a toggle button for showing markers as clustered or unclustered.
    • For locales using a comma instead of a period in decimal numbers (24,5 vs 24.5), fixed the 'stack overflow' bug.
    • Improved image/data view.
    Figure: Map Data View.

  5. Web Server Plug-in Updates:
    • Self-registration. Allow users sign-up themselves. This is great if you have a large user base and you don't want to create a user for each yourself. Optionally, automatically create a folder immediately upon sign-up to allow these new users to upload images right away.
    • Figure: Self-Registration.

    • Now supports uploading multiple files. Just drag and drop any number of files on with upload window.
    • Figure: Multiple Uploads.

Smaller but Notable Updates

  • Added a "Remove from DBGallery" to the main thumbnails context area. Good for removing "Missing Images" thumbs as well as folders you wish to no longer manage with DBGallery. [Possibily leave this one out.]
  • Improved installation.

Bug fixes

  • Startup window position is remembered from the previous run.
  • Issues with square brackets in folder names.
  • "Open with..." now working.

Release 6.3 [February 8, 2014]

Update Details

  1. User Interface improvements. Fewer colors and a reduction of lines making for a less distracting interface. Additional Theme options for those who do not like too much grey or prefer a brighter interface color, as shown in the overlay of the screenshot below.
  2. Figure: Improved interface look and new theme's options

  3. Improved Message Box appearance which stretches to show entire message.
  4. Fix for photos with large amounts of Exif data. Now shows all text in a larger window and includes scrollbars.

Release 6.2.7 [January 21, 2014]

Update Details

  1. Improvements in assigning permissions to read-only users.
  2. Google Earth Export bug fix.
  3. Progress bar improvements.
  4. Performance update for Search and Replace.

Release 6.2.2 [December 17, 2013]

Update Details

  1. Improved File Export Window
  2. Figure: Export to Folder

  3. Import tool. Create a new or updated database via .csv file imports.
  4. Menu name change: "Web & Share" in the main menu has been renamed to "Export".
  5. Button text change: "Set Filter" buttons are now say "Search".
  6. Export General Improvement: Select a folder, or a number of folders, and all sub-folders images in the current filter will be included in the export. This improvement is true for all export types: Export to email, PDF, KML (Google Earth), WebGallery, and Export to Folder.
  7. Bug Fix: Navigation Bar no longer sometimes hidden after a slideshow.
  8. Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Release 6.1.14 [November 12, 2013]

Update Details

  1. Email images directly into DBGallery. I.e. Asset import by email. See "Email Monitoring Service" in the User Guide. (Enterprise version only.)
  2. Approximately 40% improvements in speed of adding new photos, audio and pdf files.
  3. Reads and writes and the Rating field which is compatible with Adobe products' metedata (Lightroom, Bridge, Photoshop, etc).
  4. Bug Fix: Re-Sync now picks up new data from updated files. (File date modified needs to have been updated.)
  5. Bug Fix: Ascending/Decending sort order fix.
  6. Bug Fix: Display .png's in MapView and 3D views. (All other supported file types except .png's previously worked.)
  7. Web Server Plugin: Natural language search. This new capability permits multi-word searches, sorting results by relevance. A search for New York Construction would return images with all keywords at the top, then images just having Construction or New York below those.
  8. Web Server Plugin: Email images directly into DBGallery and the website.

Release 6.0.7 [October 11, 2013]

Update Details

  1. Tweaks to initial Add Files wizard.
  2. Updates to the User Guide.

Release 6.0.5 [October 6, 2013]

Update Details

  1. Ability to find duplicates images.

Release 6.0 [August 20, 2013]

Update Details

1. Greatly improved non-English language support.
  • Languages now supported: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Portuguese
  • Languages know NOT to be supported: Russian, Turkish, Czech, Esperanto, Greek, Math, Polish, Welsh, Romanian

Figure: Improved Language Support

2. GPS/GeoTagging Updates
  • Maps updated to Google Maps v3. According to google, the old style maps will stop working on November 19, 2013.
  • Image popups on the map now have a Photo and Data tab, allowing data to be viewed as well as the photo.
  • Improved GPS stamping. Previous format wasn't picked up by some sites and applications. Now virtually all do.
  • Improved internet connection messages for Google Maps interaction.
  • Fixed a bug which reset map zoom levels when editing multiple images at once.

Figure: Google Maps Screenshot

3. Updated License Protection, including a License Manager.
  • A license manager allows those with many DBGallery licenses across the organization track how many keys they own, determine if any are available for re-use, and keep informed of which machines have which license key.
  • DBGallery clients using a duplicate license key will be prevented from running.
  • (Note: Registration Keys are now called License Keys. Menu options, etc., has been change to reflect this naming change.)

Figure: License Manager

4. Export to Google Earth (KML Files)
  • Simply choose thumbs from a search result and export to Google Earth with a couple clicks.
  • In Google Earth both the photo and it's data are available, as shown below.

Figure: Google Maps Screenshot

5. Improved Audio and Video playback.
  • Plays more audio and video file types.
  • Now uses an embedded Windows Media Player and it's controls for playback.

6. Single Sign-On with Active Directory
  • For users on an Network Domain using Active Directory (the majority of business users), DBGallery can automatically login using domain account credentials.

Smaller but Notable Updates

Improved reading of Date Created from photo files.

Improved installation during intial install and upgrades.

Improved navigations while viewing images: Alt-Right-Arrow and Alt-Left-Arrow for Next and Previous image; Delete key to delete the current image file; Up and Down arrows to zoom in and out (Ctrl-Up-Arrow for 100%; Ctrl-Down-Arrow for Fit-to-Window-Size); plus others.

Permissions Update: Allow or disallow Virtual Sets access. E.g. Add new virtual sets, delete them, allow adding images to Virtual Sets, etc.

The Description field now supports text sizes up to 16mb. (In the database, max amount of text available to be stored in the images file type will vary.)

Sort improvement: The sort has been updated to include a sub-sort of time and filename for any date fields. For sorts such as Camera, City, etc. the sort is Camera/Date Taken/Filename.

Release 5.9 [January 1, 2013]

Update Details

1. Significant performance improvements. While noticeable for any size collection, most impact will be felt with collections containing greater than 50,000 files.

2. Search options added to aide in finding images which have or do not have data keyed in specific fields.
  • EMPTY (or NULL)
  • "NOT New York" will now return all records not containing New York. Previously a space at the beginning was needed, " NOT New York", which mean most users didn't know it was available.

Figure: Search Options

3. User Interface Theme Options

Figure: User Interface Themes

4. Improved User Setup
  • Option to auto-generate and email temporary passwords when new users are being setup
  • Forgotten Password Reset
5. Added Folder Creation and File Upload capabilities for companies opening portions of their collection through DBGallery's webserver plugin.

Figure: Online Photo Database Website Help

Release 5.8 [November 4, 2012]

Update Details

1. Added an import wizard utilized when DBGallery is being initially setup:

Figure 1

2. Added a Collection Report Card:

Figure 1

3. Improvements to non-Photo file format support:

Figure 1

4. Numerous tweaks, updates, and fixes.